Superintendents Group

The Center for Digital Education (CDE) launched its year-long K12 Superintendents Group Program in 2016. This program is designed to help education leaders plan for the inclusion of digital media and learning methodologies in their district. Each year CDE will select 30 Superintendents (or individuals with like positions) that have been recognized as early adopters in all facets of technology adoption within their schools to participate as members of the group. CDE is looking forward to collaborating with Superintendents across the country in the interest of advancing technology within education.

The group will be meeting virtually and together throughout the year to convene on relevant topics of discussion and to participate in professional development.

The Center will be publishing a paper on behalf of the group that is crafted to share thoughts, ideas and best practices from the perspectives of Superintendents.

2017 Advisory Council Members


Rosa Atkins

Superintendent, Charlottesville City Schools

Leslie Boozer

Superintendent, Dublin Unified School District

Susan Brooks

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Education

Luvelle Brown

Superintendent, Ithaca City School District

Susan Enfield

Superintendent, Highline Public Schools

Stephen C. Joel

Superintendent, Lincoln Public Schools

Michael Lubelfeld

Superintendent, Deerfield Public Schools

Catherine Magouyrk

Superintendent, Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS)

Scott Muri

Superintendent of Schools, Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD)

Nick Polyak

Superintendent, Leyden Community High School District #212

Stacy Scott

Superintendent, Framingham Public Schools

Kevin Silberberg

Superintendent, Panama-Buena Vista Union School District

Pat Skorkowsky

Superintendent, Clark County School District

Aaron Spence

Superintendent, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

David Tebo

Superintendent, Hamilton Community Schools

Brian Troop

Superintendent, Ephrata Area School District

Jason Van Heukelum

Superintendent, Winchester Public Schools

Jim Vaszauskas

Superintendent, Mansfield Independent School District

Devin Vodicka

Superintendent of Schools, Vista Unified School District

Jamie Wilson

Superintendent, Denton Independent School District

Donna Wright

Director, Wilson County Schools