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Converge Special Report Webinar - Mobility & Security - 2011

on May 31, 2011




Webinar | June 7, 2011

Duration:  60 minutes

Webinar Archive: to listen to a digital recording of this Webinar, click Here.

Cell phones, handhelds and mobile devices of all kinds are being integrated in the educational environment to equip teachers and administrators with access to data on student progress. At the same time, these tools engage students and administrators by enriching communication and providing constant access to campus resources. But these mobile devices and other issues are also presenting a host of security challenges for campus IT staff.


In this webinar we explore how campuses respond to the new challenges presented by these mobile end-user devices and applications, how campuses secure highly sensitive and private data in compliance with myriad federal laws. And how administrators maintain the delicate balance of providing access while maintaining privacy.

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