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Special Reports

Each publication of the Center for Digital Education's Special Report tackles an important technology topic for both K-12 and Higher Education with research-based editorial and industry-specific perspective. The Special Report is accompanied by a Funding Report detailing important funding routes for the featured technology area. A special webinar on the topic follows approximately three months after the Special Report is posted online and distributed by mail. 

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CDE's Top 30 Technologists, Transformers and Trailblazers

Each year, the Center for Digital Education recognizes K-20 education leaders who are transforming learning through the innovative use of technology. This publication honors the CDE's Top 30 technologists, transformers and trailblazers across the country — true pioneers who are reshaping education by thoughtfully harnessing the power of technology. Download now to read about the most recent initiatives and programs spearheaded by the 2014 award winners.


Curriculum of the Future: How Digital Content is Changing Education

This CDE Special Report takes a deep dive into digital curriculum, looking closely at the benefits and potential pitfalls involved in the shift. From innovative content delivery methods to the latest in open educational resources and other trends on the horizon, this report highlights case studies and best practices from education institutions that have already made the transition to digitally delivered learning.


Classroom Management: Strategies and Technologies to Improve Teaching and Learning

Technology has turned teaching on its head and transformed the learning environment. Now it’s time to hone in on how to effectively manage technology and ensure educators have the tools they need to help students achieve higher levels of learning. This Special Report covers the most important considerations and investments K-12 and higher education leaders should make to optimize classroom management and positively impact student achievement.


Intelligent Campus: Innovative Tools in Education Increase Efficiencies

Intelligent technologies that support real-time information delivery are increasing efficiencies on campuses and enabling educators to lower costs and focus on educating students. Find out more about how your campus can leverage these technologies in this Q2 2014 Special Report on the Intelligent Campus.


Everything You Need to Know about Assessments in Education

Ongoing measurement, relevant feedback to students and educators and personalized instruction are all gaining ground in education institutions as leaders try to improve outcomes. Download this Special Report to learn how your school or campus can succeed with a new generation of assessment.


2013 Q4 Special Report: Mobility & Cloud

In this Special Report, discover the various ways mobility and cloud computing are affecting education institutions and how they can prepare for and adapt to this rapid adoption. In addition, find insight on how to mobilize content and learn some of the tools that make it easier to deploy mobility and cloud.


2013 Yearbook: Technology Innovation in Education

Download the 2013 Yearbook for a truly inspiring and informational read. The Yearbook highlights 40 education innovators who are using technology to improve learning and better the K-20 education system, and covers the latest education technology trends and funding opportunities.


2013 Q3 Special Report: Pathways to Personalized Learning

Want to personalize learning for your students but don’t know where to start? Find a wealth of research and firsthand accounts of how personalized learning is transforming the way we have traditionally viewed the educational model in this Special Report, and how you can overcome challenges to bring its benefits to your institution.


2013 Q2 Special Report: Big Data, Big Expectations

Learn how to transform big data into powerful and actionable educational insights to improve student outcomes on your campus in this Special Report.


2013 Q1 Special Report: Smart Infrastructure

Discover what smart strategies, solutions and practices you can be implementing to prepare your IT infrastructure for the inevitable technological changes coming to your campus.


2012 Q4 Special Report: Specialty Classroom Technologies

This Special Report highlights various specialty technologies and showcases their use in campuses across the nation. It examines how technology is boosting student interest and transforming areas like STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), research and supercomputing, and special education — providing educators with valuable tools to ensure all students have the critical skills needed to enter the future workforce prepared.


2012 CDE YB Special Report

Download for all the latest research surrounding the hottest technology trends in education and profiles of 50 of the most innovative leaders.


2012 Q3 Special Report: The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier

Explore the new blended and virtual learning frontier sweeping the nation in this Special Report.


2012 Q2 Special Report: The Textbook Reformation & Digital Content

This Converge Special Report on the Textbook Reformation and Digital Content examines this educational transformation in all its facets: from curriculum acquisition to best practices for a successful transition to key governmental policy measures. We’ll tell you about technology concerns, professional development tips, managing plagiarism and copyright, and much more. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to many schools and universities adopting digital technology in different ways, sharing th


2012 Q1 Special Report: Campus Infrastructure

The 2012 Q1 Special Report delves into 9 key areas of infrastructure and shows you why they are critical to your campus’ successful future.