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Digital Content Strategy Guide - Setting the Stage for a Digital Transformation

on June 17, 2011

Digital content is being adopted by school districts across the nation at a rapid pace as a supplement to traditional curriculum. Driven by the benefits it brings such as allowing information to be easily updated, enabling anytime and anywhere learning, and facilitating personalized and tailored learning experiences, school leaders are eager to find ways to integrate more digital content into the learning experience. However, to truly receive the maximum benefits digital content can deliver, a digital content strategy must be in place. This type of strategy is lacking from the K-12 education space and is leaving school leaders confused on how to move forward with digital content implementation – and students without critical resources to better their education.

This Digital Content Strategy Guide will assist you in creating a plan to implement digital content in your school or school district. It is meant to be easy to navigate and highly useable with several sets of questions, models and advice to consider, and an abundant amount of resources to explore. Through best practices and advice from school leaders and private industry leaders who have successfully taken on the endeavor, it will set the stage and guide you through – with important checkpoints along the way – a digital content transformation that will aide your teachers and position your students to compete in a global society.



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