2012 Q4 Special Report: Specialty Classroom Technologies

Today’s students are not receiving the specialized training needed to enter fields such as engineering, research, science and the arts. To add to the problem: Students are losing interest in these fields as they progress through their education. Educational institutions recognize the need to train students to enter the future workforce, but face challenges both in trying to interest students in these fields as well as to retain them; funding and a lack of trained educators are also problems. However, a whole new class of specialized technology is emerging that not only can make up for campuses’ limited resources, but can spark student engagement. This Special Report highlights this specialty technology and showcases its use in campuses across the nation. It examines how technology is boosting student interest and transforming areas like STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), research and supercomputing, and special education — providing educators with valuable tools to ensure all students have the critical skills needed to enter the future workforce prepared.

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