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2013 Q2 Special Report: Big Data, Big Expectations

on May 31, 2013

The education community is abuzz about the concept of big data. And it’s no surprise – we’ve collected mountains of data over the years: course records, student attendance, class rosters, program participation, degree attainment, discipline records, test scores and so on. But while we’re good at amassing this information, we’ve previously lacked the means to apply it toward improving student outcomes. However, new technologies are finally allowing us to turn all this data into powerful and actionable educational insights. To get to the bottom of big data, the Center for Digital Education commissioned a research survey that integrated the perspectives of 110 top leaders from K-12 and higher education from all parts of the country, and interviewed dozens of private and public sector big data innovators. This Special Report on Big Data highlights the results of our research, and provides and in-depth look at the tools and strategies that will help you unlock big data’s potential


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