Why Video Creation Will Stay Popular in Education

Schools see potential for video creation in today's classrooms.

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The YouTube generation takes to video like fish do to water. And today's schools are tapping into that stream because it doesn't appear to be drying up anytime soon.

Students in Richland School District Two in Colombia, S.C., shoot video with their smartphones whenever they can, said Donna Teuber, technology integration coordinator. They seem to like everything about the process, from writing scripts to shooting to editing. And of course, they share their personal videos on YouTube.

"Our students are always wanting to create videos," Teuber said. "They've got smartphones where they're able to take video, and they're constantly trying to find a way to share something about themselves with others. Video is a very good medium for them to have an authentic experience. They can make it relevant with the technology tools that they're most familiar with like the video editing tools."

Even back in the day, Teuber's students enjoyed working on a video-based news show. Now they're using their mobile devices to create videos in what she labels authentic learning experiences.

For example, students who are learning another language record themselves speaking. Because the video goes online, they actually have an incentive to learn the language. Plus, they get feedback from students who are native speakers. 

A year and a half into the district's Chromebook initiative, 23,000 students will have a Chromebook to use each day. That's made video planning, editing and posting more of a collaborative effort that prepares students with the skills they'll need for the rest of their lives.

Toward the beginning of the Chromebook initiative, teachers and students found the WeVideo app to make this process easier. It integrates with Google Drive and allows them to upload and publish their videos.

You can see some of the videos that students have created, including public service announcements and foreign language practice, on the district's technology integration blog.

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