Top Technologies That Will Make a Difference in Education

Find out which education technologies deserve your attention over the next five years.

by Tanya Roscorla / August 19, 2013 0

Find out which education technologies deserve your attention over the next five years.


Many technologies are driving education into the future. Find out which ones you need to keep an eye on over the next five years. -Tanya Roscorla, Managing Editor, Center for Digital Education

One of the things I see is a lot more  push to ubiquitous access to technology — anytime anywhere access, either 1-1 programs or those types of things; bring your own device. I also see a lot more personalization going on. There's a lot of software and a lot of tools that, you know, tailor to the individual student. So I see a lot of that coming along the way too. -Roland Rios, Director of Instructional Technology, Fort Sam Houston Independent School District

I really see getting back to cloud computing where you're going to subscribe to services on the Internet, and there's nothing going to be on the desktops anymore. It's going to be hosted environments where you subscribe to them, and kids will have access anytime, anywhere, any place. -Keith Bockwoldt, Director of Technology Services, Township High School District 214

If you're going to school, you're going to have a mobile device where you're able to access content 24/7. I think that's almost a must these days. -Phil Hardin, Executive Director of Technology, Rowan-Salisbury School System

Top technologies? A lot of cloud-based infrastructure. You know, I think we need to move the students to the cloud because we've got a very mobile population now in the United States, and trying to keep track of that. Mobile devices of course — the proliferation that's out there — there's all kinds to choose from. And then the move to a lot more etextbooks and those types of things — we're keeping an eye on all of that hot stuff. And then the flipped classroom-moving that instruction outside the classroom to the home base where teachers can really work more one-on-one with kids when they're back in the classroom. I think we're starting to slowly realize teachers are no longer the keepers of information, and we're moving from being just that sage on the stage to being more of a guide. So they're finding other ways to deliver content to kids because kids can get content on their own and get it anywhere.  -Roland Rios

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