Top E-Learning Stories

This list of stories covers different ideas in online learning.

by News Staff / December 27, 2012 0

As online education continues to make headway, these stories highlight the plans, lessons and big ideas for the future of the medium.

How Does an MITx Course Translate to Community College Students?
Two community colleges are searching for the answer.

10 Universities Join Together to Offer Online Courses for Credit
Ten top universities in the U.S. will offer small undergraduate classes that provide the same quality as their on-campus classes.

What Will Higher Education Look Like in 25 Years?
Education experts discuss options like massively open online classes and affordable access to college.

States Search for a Better Way to Regulate Online Universities
U.S. states are collaborating on a plan to smooth out the regulation process for online universities and provide education access to students.

Online Course Provider Paves Path to College Credit
Courses designed around the College Level Examination Program prepare students to earn college credit.

Distance Education Master's Programs Are Rare, but Important
Despite a rising need for online education leaders, not many universities offer master's programs in the field.

First University System Joins edX
The University of Texas System plans to offer large online courses through the not-for-profit edX platform.

3 Lessons from a Massively Open Online Course
Instructors learn about this teaching model by using it.

12 Technologies to Watch in STEM Education
The first Horizon Report on science, technology, engineering and math is released.

2 Reasons Why edX Will Release its Platform as Open Source
Other organizations will improve access to education by contributing their technical expertise on the online course platform.

Higher Education to Investigate Massively Open Online Courses
Educators of all stripes are signing up for a massively open online course on the topic of massively open online courses. Of course.

3 Reasons Why People Take Massively Open Online Courses
Three working professionals talk about their rationale for taking courses with Coursera, edX and Udacity.

Why Higher Education is Looking for E-Learning Leaders
Universities and community colleges are looking to hire staff who can help institutions adapt successfully to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Massively Open Online Courses Are 'Here to Stay'
Twelve top universities jump into the 'MOOC' arena, prompting discussions about what this announcement means for the future of higher education.