Tablet Talk Stories

K-12 and higher ed explore the potential of tablets in schools.

by News Staff / December 26, 2012 0

As tablets continue to flood school networks, education leaders and researchers share how effective they are.

In these news and feature articles, you'll find information about tablet research, pilots and goals.

Do Tablets Make Employees Better Multi-Taskers?
Find out the answer. 

Tablets v. Textbooks Argument Presented on New Website
A nonpartisan, nonprofit website asks the question, "Should tablets replace textbooks in K-12 schools?"

New iPads Spark Education Discussions
Ultimately, the education conversation around these devices comes down to price and teaching quality.

6 Tech Goals for the School Year
Middle-school principals share tech-related goals they hope to accomplish during the 2012-13 academic year.

Seton Hall University Trying Windows 8
Top IT leaders retrace the steps in their decision to test tablets running Windows 8. 

Should Kindergarteners Use iPads in the Classroom?
As mobile devices become more popular, education leaders differ on when and if devices like iPads should be integrated into K-12 curricula. 

School Administrators Are More Open to Mobile Devices, Study Says
Administrators who use smartphones and tablets are more likely to consider "bring your own device" initiatives, according to the 2011 Speak Up survey from Project Tomorrow.  

Enrollment Boom Forces Community Colleges to Invest in Technology
Maryland-area community colleges are among the growing number of two-year schools investing in technology for everything from culinary school to nursing programs.

6 Emerging Technologies From the 2012 K-12 Horizon Report
Mobile devices and apps continue to climb the list as game-based learning stays in the same spot for three years. 

How to Choose the Right Tablet for Your School
Instead of getting lost in specs and features, education leaders and experts suggest starting with learning goals. Then you can match your school's unique needs to devices that meet those needs. 

Tablet Ownership Skyrockets Among College Students
A new poll finds one in four college students has a tablet, more than triple the number from last year.  

iPad Kindergarten Research Starts Turning up Results
Maine students showed modest gains in their literacy assessment scores through a combination of systemwide changes.  

6 Technologies to Watch in Higher Ed
In the annual Horizon Report, see what emerging technologies could affect teaching and learning over the next five years.

Mobile Devices Prompt Districts to Consider Security Measures
As bring your own device and tablet initiatives get underway, IT administrators think about how to provide more security through their Internet filters.

The Impact of the iPad on K-12 Schools
Find out the technical and instructional implications of the iPad in the classroom.