School's Skype Call with Barbara Bush Takes Surprising Twist [VIDEO]

A third-grade teacher shares how video conferences with prominent leaders and other classes help her students learn.

by / September 24, 2012 0
Former first lady Barbara Bush and Maine first lady Ann LePage make an appearance in a Maine elementary school. | Photo courtesy of Cherrie MacInnes

Third grade teacher Cherrie MacInnes planned a video conference so her students could "skype" with former First Lady Barbara Bush and current Maine First Lady Ann LePage. The Skype call went as planned for a while, but the technology started acting up.

Or so MacInnes thought.

A few seconds later, the screen lifted to reveal Bush and LePage in real life! More than 350 elementary school students from Brewer Community School in Maine saw the surprise. The two women talked about the importance of working hard and reading a lot. Later, the students got to pet Bush's dog Mini-Me.

MacInnes shares in a Google Hangout how the video conference came about, what her students learn from calls like these, and how other teachers and administrators can bring these experiences to their schools.

Tanya Roscorla Former Managing Editor

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