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Khan Academy App Hits California District

on October 18, 2012
Students in a California district try out new tablets. | Photo courtesy of Samsung.

A Khan Academy app made its way onto tablets in a California school district on Thursday, Oct. 18.

With the new Khan Academy app, students at the Mountain View Whisman School District near San Jose can watch videos that supplement their teachers' instruction. The app came out of a partnership between Khan Academy and Samsung's San Jose-based Media Solutions Center America division.

The school district received a grant from Google to test Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, which come with the new app, in three schools this year. Students can also take notes with a special pen designed to work with the tablets.

The instructional videos on the Khan Academy app will help students move through content at their own pace and watch videos multiple times until they grasp the concept.

This is the first time a Khan academy app has appeared on thse types of devices.

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