How State Education Agencies Can Safeguard Student Data

A Data Quality Campaign report highlights practical steps for State Education Agencies.

by News Staff / July 24, 2014 0

In a time when student data privacy is garnering attention from top U.S. policymakers, a report offers some suggestions for how State Education Agencies can be a good steward of data.

The Roadmap to Safeguarding Student Data report recommends three key focus areas for State Education Agencies to develop policies and practices around: Transparency, governance and data protection procedures. Published by the Data Quality Campaign on July 17, the report includes practical suggestions for how to create these policies.

When it comes to transparency, the campaign recommends these steps for State Education Agencies:

  1. Create a place on their websites that's easy for the public to use and that contains their student data privacy policy.
  2. Describe how data is used and what the benefits are.
  3. Explain how the agencies' privacy policies and practices safeguard student data.

In the area of governance, the report recommends that State Education Agencies do the following:

  1. Participate in data privacy conversations within the state.
  2. Make sure that governance structures and procedures address what's going on in privacy conversations.
  3. Deal with the implications of data management technologies such as cloud computing in governance policies.

When it comes to data protection procedures, the campaign recommends these steps for State Education Agencies:

  1. Compare existing data privacy policies to those of other agencies within the state to make sure they're consistent.
  2. Create or modify existing privacy policies to be consistent with the policies of other agencies.