Digital Textbook Legislation Signed in California

Two pieces of legislation will bring California's three higher education systems together to create open-source digital textbooks.

by / September 27, 2012 0

California's three higher education systems will start collaborating on open-source digital textbooks now that Gov. Jerry Brown signed two bills on Thursday, Sept. 27.

In 2013, students will start seeing the first of 50 digital textbooks for common courses across the University of California, the California State University and the California Community Colleges. Once members are appointed to the California Open Education Resources Council, they will start choosing the 50 courses that they need to find or create digital content for.

These digital textbooks will have an open license and be made available to students at no cost. They will make their home in the California Digital Open Source Library, which will be established along with the council.

Brown signed six education bills in his office as he talked with California college students. Check out the video of that meeting below. And for a more detailed look at the legislation, read our previous coverage.

Tanya Roscorla Former Managing Editor

Tanya Roscorla covered ed tech from 2009-2017.