15 Top Edtech Stories of 2012

Social media, Google's 80/20 principle and tablets make up some of the most viewed story topics for 2012.

by News Staff / December 26, 2012 0

A look back at the most viewed stories on the Center for Digital Education website during 2012 shows that social media, Google's 80/20 principle and tablets topped our readers' interests this year.

The first national Connected Educator Month in August sparked a number of stories on why and how educators could network online. A New Jersey school borrowed Google's principle by giving teachers 20 percent of their time to work on projects that interest them. And education leaders reminded everyone that learning goals take priority over tablet specs when choosing technology. 

Read all that and more in the 15 most viewed stories of 2012.  

1. Why Educators Should Spend 15 Minutes a Day on Social Media
Some simple advice for educators on how to maximize your time.

2. Google's 80/20 Principle Adopted at New Jersey School
Borrowing from a principle that Google practices, a high school gives teachers 20 percent of their time to pursue work-related projects they're interested in.

3. How to Choose the Right Tablet for Your School
Instead of getting lost in specs and features, education leaders and experts suggest starting with learning goals. Then you can match your school's unique needs to devices that meet those needs.

4. iPad Kindergarten Research Starts Turning up Results
Maine students showed modest gains in their literacy assessment scores through a combination of systemwide changes.

5. 12 Keys to Finding Quality Education Apps
Educators share their secrets to choosing apps that are both fun and informative.

6. 5 Ways Apps Fit Into Curriculum and Learning Strategies
How instructional technology coordinators and teachers are helping students meet standards by supplementing instruction with apps.

7. 6 Emerging Technologies From the 2012 K-12 Horizon Report
Mobile devices and apps continue to climb the list as game-based learning stays in the same spot for three years.

8. Hawk Babies Star on University Webcam
Red-tailed hawks hatched three babies and are taking care of them on a university campus. And people from around the world are watching.

9. Massively Open Online Courses Are 'Here to Stay'
Twelve top universities jump into the 'MOOC' arena, prompting discussions about what this announcement means for the future of higher education.

10. 3 Reasons Why School Districts Change Grading Practices
As states continue to emphasize standards-based curriculum, school districts are evaluating their grading practices to measure student learning.

11. 6 Technologies to Watch in Higher Ed
In the annual Horizon Report, see what emerging technologies could affect teaching and learning over the next five years.

12. Why Higher Education is Looking for E-Learning Leaders
Universities and community colleges are looking to hire staff who can help institutions adapt successfully to the ever-changing technology landscape.

13. Internet2 Seeks to Cut Cost of Cloud Services
Internet2 plans to broker agreements that will reduce universities' cloud expenses and tailor services to higher education.

14. Pinterest Aids Educators in Common Core Prep
The popular visual bookmarking site hosts a number of educators who share resources on the Common Core State Standards.

15. 4 Emerging Trends in Common Core State Standards
An issue brief from the National Governors Association highlights four trends in Common Core State Standards implementation.