10 Steps to Become a Relevant Tech Leader

A technology director shares key actions that his peers can take to support learning.

by News Staff / January 17, 2013 0

A technology director shares 10 steps for technology directors to take if they want to stay relevant in today's education environment.

Thomas Murray, the director of technology and cybereducation for the Quakertown Community School District in Bucks County, Pa., blogs on SmartBlog on Education about how to avoid becoming obsolete. These 10 steps show the importance of being tuned into what students and teachers need, providing support for individual educators and looking for ideas in the wider digital world.

1. Understand the need for anytime, anywhere learning for students and access for staff.

2. Stop being the digital police department.
Instead of focusing on enforcing rules, technology directors should switch to a service mentality.

3. Encourage social media; don't prohibit it.

4. Spend time in classrooms.
This step helps technology directors understand instructional needs.

5. Talk to your teachers.

6. Push your school administration to think digitally.

7. Lead differentiated professional development.
Not every teacher is at the same level when it comes to using different technology with their students. Targeted support for each skill level is critical.

8. Understand that your district has BYOD in place.
Students already bring their own devices to school. They're just not allowed to use them for learning many times.

9. Connect with educators on Twitter.

10. Be innovative.
Try different ideas instead of maintaining the status quo.

For more details, check out Murray's post.