March 2017

What Will Trump’s Ed Tech Policies Look Like?

Little has been said so far, but the White House and Congress will impact digital education in a number of ways.

Schools Become Tempting Targets in Cyberwar

Lean staffing levels mean few schools have someone dedicated to cybersecurity. But there are ways to stay protected.

California Science Teacher Becomes Tech Leader

John Morgan’s story is a profile of one teacher’s discovery about the power of technology to help students “learn amazing things.”

Foster Care Student Data Emerges from the Shadows

Schools don't always know when they're serving foster care students, who are at high risk for dropping out and falling behind. But researchers and policymakers have laid the foundation for identifying and helping these students succeed academically.

College Residential Networks Strain to Meet Demands

Outsourcing, bigger budgets and better planning are some of the ways higher ed tries to handle the growth in ResNets.

States Act on New Legal Requirements to Address Student Data Privacy Concerns

Parents want the protection, but notification requirements put a heavy burden on school districts. Two states – Colorado and Connecticut – are tackling the issue in different ways.


Ed Tech Data: The Numbers on Broadband, Wi-Fi and Fiber

Costs are down and connectivity is up when it comes to broadband, according to the 2016 State of States report from EducationSuperHighway.