June 2017

Will Data Scientists Have a Big Impact on Education?

The data explosion in public schools and universities has increased the demand for people who understand its potential.

How Three States Boost College Student Outcomes with Analytics

Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee have become leaders in using data to target specific student needs and boost graduation rates in public universities.

New Hampshire Redefines How Student Performance Is Measured

Educators around the country are watching to see whether PACE is successful in providing competency-based education. A key factor is the assessment data.

Foster Care Student Data Emerges from the Shadows

Schools don't always know when they're serving foster care students, who are at high risk for dropping out and falling behind. But researchers and policymakers have laid the foundation for identifying and helping these students succeed academically.

Melissa Woo Brings Diversity to Education's C-Suite

Now the senior vice president and CIO for Stony Brook University in New York, Melissa Woo has become a trailblazer in education IT.

Infographics and Guest Columns

Infographic: School Districts Reveal Digital Priorities and Practices for 2017

The participants of the Digital School Districts Survey share what's happening with cybersecurity, mobility and other issues.

Denver's Parent Portal: Some Lessons on Helping Parents Support Students

Denver has spent time and money figuring out how to make its parent portal more inclusive and easier to use.