December 2017

Introduction: Winter 2017 Converge Magazine

New U: Does Purdue’s Move into Online Learning Signal a Greater Shift in Education?

The university's effort to leverage online learning to reach an audience untapped by most traditional four-year institutions--36 million working adults with some college and 56 million with no college credit--is making waves.

Space Race: How Districts are Retooling Classrooms to Teach for the Knowledge Age

Emerging classroom design considers furniture and fixtures, and then dives even deeper to enable a tour de force of technology-driven, individualized education.

Banding Together for Better Innovation

A Small Tennessee Public School District Leverages Community Partnerships to Launch the Nation’s First STEAM Campus.

Going Rogue--How to Manage and Even Embrace Shadow IT in Higher Education.

Shadow IT, the practice of individuals or entities within an organization outfitting their own technology needs, presents security risks. It can be duplicative and drive up the cost of technology. But experts say there are ways to keep it in check.

Silicon Harlem’s Clayton Banks Brings Technology to the Masses

After discovering an unexpected appetite for technology in his home of Harlem, New York, Clayton Banks has created a cottage industry, and a burgeoning tech hub, in delivering it.

Ensuring Student Success: Community Colleges on the Tech Fast Track in 2017

Upholding their commitment to provide cost-effective, tech-forward educational experiences for students, community colleges across the country are continuing down the path of digital transformation. For the last 12 years, the Center for Digital Education has tracked this progress via its annual Digital Community Colleges Survey. The 2016-17 survey identified the top tech priorities and innovative, emerging trends and practices.