March 2018

Mr. Disruption: Innovating Beyond K-12

Michael Horn wrote the book on innovation in K-12 classrooms. Now he's making predictions about higher education.

Introduction: Spring 2018 Converge Magazine

Disruption at Scale: Three K-12 Districts Making Big Changes

K-12 districts large and small show that by taking risks, they can reap big rewards.

A Shifting Landscape: As Students Evolve, So Must Schools

To be more competitive, higher education institutions are meeting students where they are.

It’s Time for a New Era of Assessments

ESSA marks an opportunity for states to rethink how they evaluate student learning.

Documenting Disruptions (Infographic)

Change is happening in K-12 and higher education institutions — and the Center for Digital Education is keeping an eye on their progress. Here are some of the top disruptions happening throughout the country.