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Campus Technology Infrastructure - Behind the Scenes But Never Behind the Times

September 23, 2010
2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT (Lasting 60 minutes)


Duration:  60 minutes

Webinar Archive: to listen to a digital recording of this Webinar, click Here.

Education is being transformed. As digital technologies are applied across the entire education ecosystem they are becoming indispensable to improve learning, control costs and provide a safer environment. By necessity, schools have become more reliant than ever before on an infrastructure that can support their increasing technology demands. This infrastructure must be available 24/7. It must be able to meet a wide range of applications and unusual spikes in load. It must be secure. It must be adaptable to new technologies — whether in the classroom, in the back office or on the Web.  In this webinar we explore how these infrastructures are equipped, deployed, secured and managed and look at some of the top trends and best practices in supporting campus infrastructures.


Featured Speakers


John Halpin, Vice President Strategy and Programs, Center for Digital Education


Amir Dabirian, Vice President for Information Technology, California State University Fullerton

Deborah Karcher, Chief Information Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Charles Thacker, Chief Technology Officer, Farmington, NM Municipal Schools