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School Districts Should be on Alert Following WANNACRY

Malicious code is responsible for having corrupted roughly 200,000 devices in 150 countries in the largest known ransomware attack on record. While K-12 administrators might not think that their schools are likely targets, there are a number of factors that make their networks particularly vulnerable.

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K12 SCHOOLS: What You Can Do to Protect your Network

See why K-12 schools are being targeted by cyber attackers and what you can do to mitigate the threat using tips and tools in this infographic.

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The Cornerstone of a Digital Classroom

Download this issue brief to discover how school districts can implement a comprehensive strategy to ensure their WANs achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and security for 21st-century educational goals.

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4 Steps K-12 Administrators Can Take to Upgrade Cyber Security

With a few smart moves, you can protect yourself from attacks within and without, keep abreast of everything going on in your network, and improve your resilience in case an unexpected problem crops up.

Five Reasons K-12 Networks Can’t Wait on DDoS Mitigation

K-12 school districts have continued to see an uptick in DDoS attacks against their networks in recent years. But just because these schools aren’t high-profile global corporations, it doesn’t mean the impact of succumbing to a DDoS attack doesn’t have very real consequences. Read this short article about why administrators need DDoS mitigation software now.

The Five Biggest Threats to K-12 Network Security For the 2017-18 School Year

Given the rapidly escalating scale and scope of cyberattacks in the world today, network security must be the top priority for administrators in the new school year. A failure to adopt current security solutions may compromise the fundamental operations that keep your schools efficient and safe. By focusing on the key factors outlined in this article, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision about where to focus your attention during the summer months full of new projects.

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