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4 Things You Need to Know About DDoS in Education

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack uses multiple computers scattered across the Internet to send a continuous flood of messages, Web page requests or other data to overwhelm a network. See how you can protect your institution from a DDoS attack in this infographic.

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The Cornerstone of a Digital Classroom

The U.S. Department of Education and the EducationSuperHighway have made it very clear: wide-area networks (WANs) are essential for modern education. But administrators face significant hurdles, including network reliability, when implementing WANs. Today’s digital classrooms can’t access the Internet and cloud-based applications if WANs aren’t working effectively, which can bring learning to a halt. Download this issue brief to discover how school districts can implement a comprehensive strategy to ensure their WANs achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and security for 21st-century educational goals.

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Infographic: Protecting Your Network from Total Shutdown

As the number of news making corporate cyber-attacks increased over recent years, cybersecurity has become top of mind for professionals of varying industries. One way to prevent this activity from occurring is to protect yourself from the most common cause, DDoS.

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How Specialists Can Help You Bolster Your Security

As society becomes increasingly dependent on technology, the number of data breaches and cyber attacks continues to increase as well. This is why industries of all types are focusing their attention on network security.

Protecting Your Network from Total Shutdown

To best demonstrate the impact that DDoS attacks can have, this article will focus on K-12 education specifically, as schools are increasingly becoming a target for this type of activity.

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