Chief Academic Officers Group

Victoria Greer

Assistant Superintendent, Cambridge Public Schools

Victoria Greer is the Assistant Superintendent for Cambridge Public Schools. She is fortunate to lead one of the most progressive and well-resourced school districts in the nation. Victoria considers herself to be a standout leader by spending the past two and a half years reenergizing and revitalizing student support services as part of the district-wide movement to create equitable educational opportunities for all students. Victoria’s department is leading the charge in the district around continuous improvement efforts to close the achievement and opportunity gap for the students of Cambridge. Her core value of integrity, service and commitment sets her apart as a top visionary leader. Victoria has been nominated for the Visions of the Community Award and was named Cambridge’s Whose Who Amongst Professionals and Executives in 2010. Since coming to Cambridge, she has been applauded for the improvements to the Office of Student Services in a short period of time. Victoria holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and a Masters Degree in Special Education. She is very proud to have served as the Director of Instruction for Metro Nashville Public Schools. Victoria is a valued and highly sought professional developer in the areas of leadership development, special education programs and services, Universal Design for Learning and inclusive educational practices.