2010 Digital School Districts Survey Top 10

Top school districts have been announced in the seventh annual Digital School Districts Survey.

by Converge Staff / October 19, 2010 0

Top school districts have been announced in the seventh annual Digital School Districts Survey by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Education and the National School Boards Association (NSBA). The purpose of the survey is to recognize exemplary school boards and districts’ use of technology to govern the district, communicate with students, parents and the community and to improve district operations.

All U.S. public school districts were eligible to participate in the survey, and were placed in three classifications based on size of enrollment.  The top ten rankings reflect those school boards/districts with the fullest implementation of technology benchmarks in the evolution of digital education, as represented in the survey questions.

We work with local, national, and international education communities to use Microsoft technology, tools, and programs, to create solutions that help address education challenges, while improving teaching and learning opportunities.

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Cathilea Robinett,  executive vice president of the Center for Digital Education, said, “One of the most critical areas of effective school leadership for America’s school boards today involves the wise use of technology to provide better communication, support student learning, and track district results.  The 2010 survey responses reflect how boards and districts are embracing digital technologies in their goals and strategic plans, resulting in improved services, skill sets and use of digital content in their curriculum and classrooms. Congratulations to this year’s winners!”

“With rising expectations and shrinking resources, these districts have utilized technology to effectively serve their students, educators, and community members,” said NSBA’s Executive Director Anne L. Bryant.   “School boards across the country should look to these districts for ideas about using technology to make their work as a board more transparent and their district operations more efficient.”

Founded in 1940, NSBA is a not-for-profit organization representing state associations of school boards and their 95,000 local school board members throughout the U.S. Working with and through our state associations, NSBA advocates for equity and excellence in public education through school board leadership. www.nsba.org

The Center thanks Microsoft for underwriting the survey and for their support of school districts across the nation.

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2010 Digital School Districts Survey -- Top Ten-Ranking Winners

Large Student Population Category - More than 15,000 students:
1st Clark County School District, Nev.
2nd Prince William County Public Schools, Va.
3rd Frederick County Public Schools, Md.
4th Cherokee County School District, Ga.
5th Cleveland County Schools, N.C.
5th Colorado Springs School District 11, Colo.
6th Gwinnett County Public Schools, Ga.
7th Fayette County Schools, Ga.
8th Las Cruces Public Schools, N.M.
9th Denton Independent School District, Texas
9th Loudoun County Public Schools, Va.
10th Blue Valley School District, Kan.
10th Richmond County School System, Ga.

Mid-sized Student Population Category - 2,500 up to 15,000 students:

1st Howell Township Public Schools, N.J.
2nd Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, N.C.
2nd Oconomowoc Area School District, Wis.
3rd Geneseo Community Unit School District 228, Ill.
4th Fayetteville Public Schools, Ark.
4th Township High School District 214, Ill.
5th Lowndes County Schools, Ga.
6th Andover Unified School District 385, Kan.
6th Barrow County Schools, Ga.
7th Jones County Schools, Ga.
8th Vineland School District, N.J.
9th Marietta City Schools, Ga.
9th Roanoke County Public Schools, Va.
10th Jefferson City Schools, Ga.
10th Madison County School District, Ky.

Small Student Population Category - Less than 2,500 students:
1st Springfield Public Schools, N.J.
2nd Springville-Griffith Institute CSD, N.Y.
3rd Hanson School District, S.D.
4th Maine Regional School Unit 21
5th Gooding Joint School District #231, Idaho
6th Tornillo Independent School District, Texas
7th North Mason School District, Wash.
8th Chickamauga City School System, Ga.
9th Orange City Schools, Ohio
10th Fremont County School District 24, Wyo.

If you have questions, please contact Janet Grenslitt, Surveys and Awards Director, at jgrenslitt@centerdigitaled.com.